How to register Digital Signature for e-filing of Income Tax Returns using USB e- token:

  • A digital signature authenticates electronic documents in a similar manner a handwritten signature authenticates printed documents.
  • Digital signature cannot be forged and it asserts that a named person wrote or otherwise agreed to the document to which the signature is attached.
  • The recipient of a digitally signed message can verify that the message originated from the person whose signature is attached to the document and that the message has not been altered either intentionally or accidentally since it was signed.
  • Also, the signer of a document cannot later disown it by claiming that the signature was forged. In other words, digital signatures enable the “authentication” and “non-repudiation” of digital messages, assuring the recipient of a digital message of both the identity of the sender and the integrity of the message.
  • A digital signature is issued by a Certification Authority (CA) and is signed with the CA’s private key.
  • A digital signature typically contains the following:
  • Owner’s public key
  • The owner’s name
  • Expiration date of public key
  • Name of the issuer
  • Serial number of the digital signature of the issuer.
  • If you file return electronically using digital signature you have to submit a physical copy of return. If you do not have a digital signature but still you can e-file the returns. However, you must also physically submit the printed copy of the filled up Form along with the copy of the Provisional Acknowledgement Number of your e-return.
  • The procedure to register the Digital Signature with Income Tax Department website for e-filing of Income Tax returns is as follows:
Steps Particulars
Step 1 Login to “e-filing”


Step 2 Then go to the ‘profile setting’ menu located at the upper right side of the page

Click ‘Register Digital signature certificate’ >>click ‘click here to download the DSC utility’

Step 3 Extract the download the DSC utility >> open the executable jar file (DSC utility) >> read the instructions carefully
Step 4 In the DSC management utility, go to ‘Register/ Reset Password using DSC tab >> enter ‘enter e-filing user ID’, ‘enter PAN of the DSC’ >> select the type of DSC
Step 5 DSC using .pfx file:

·       Select the type of DSC .pfx file

·       Browse and attach the keystore file (.pfx file)

·       Enter the password for your private key

·       Click ‘generate signature file’

DSC using USB token:

·       Select the type of DSC (.pfx file or USB token

·       Select USB token certificate >> click ‘generate signature file’

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