7 effective tips and tricks to save while paying the car insurance premium

Owning a car and maintaining its every little issue is something that massively affects the pocket. As if this was not enough, the fuel rates have touched the sky which is making driving a car an expensive proposition. However, what would be your reaction if you could decode the trick of reducing the annual budget of your car? Well, as astonishing as it may sound, it is not impossible. Your car insurance premium is something that holds a major portion of the annual car budget. Of course, car insurance is the key to maintaining and preventing any technical as well as accidental circumstances but the more features and benefits, the higher will be the car insurance. So, let us know about some tips and tricks to save while paying the car insurance premium that can help you big time.

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What is a car insurance premium?

A car insurance premium is an amount that you pay to your insurance company regularly, mostly every month or every six months for the insurance benefits. Once the premium is paid, the insurer shall pay the coverage like any liability or accident coverage. Every insurance company has its different set of rates and your premium would be based on the type of car you own and the coverage you choose. Having a car insurance premium is always a safe bet, so if you wish to take it but do not understand the working then you can always approach to Legal Window who are known to be the best in guiding and providing financial advices.

How is the car insurance premium calculated?

Insurance companies look into multiple factors while settling car insurance premiums. Every insurer makes sure that he/she balances the amount it charges you with how likely you are to need insurance coverage. Every insurer follows some secret and uses different types of formulas to calculate your premium. Here is some information that the insurer may take into account while settling a premium.

  • Personal Information – Personal Information like your age, gender, earnings, and where you live is something that insurer makes sure to take.
  • Driving Histories – Driving histories matter as the more you would have been careful and responsible in the past behind the wheel, the lower will be the premium.
  • Type of Car Model – Usually the newer, faster, sporty, and expensive cars have higher premiums across the board.
  • Discounts – Most insurance companies offer additional discounts for conducting certain actions like taking a defensive driving crash course or paying for a year of coverage and so on.
  • Deductible Amount – The higher your deductible amount, the lower your insurance premium and vice versa.

7 Effective tips and tricks to save while paying the car insurance premium

Here are 7 much-required tips and tricks that would solve your car insurance premium concerns without really hurting your pocket:-

  • Analyze your vehicle’s model carefully: Every car has a wide range of models that comes with different costs as well as different features. While buying car insurance it is important to take a look at the model of the car as the car insurance premium depends on that. Car models that have a higher rate of accidents or a higher history of engine complications do have higher insurance premiums. The cars that demand high maintenance also have higher premiums as their parts would be costly and it would cost even higher to replace and repair them. If at all you have a middle-range model or lower-range model, then you should compare the prices and try bagging a better deal.
  • Increasing Voluntary Deductibles can be a clever approach: A voluntary deductible is an amount that should be contributed by the insured in case an accident takes place, and the rest of the claim amount can be added by the insurer for the repairs. If the voluntary deductibles are low, then the car insurance premium will be more. If you decide to increase the deductibles, then it will cost you less for the car insurance premium but you will need to pay more at the time of accidents. So, taking a clever step would be necessary.
  • Compare Different Insurance Options: There are various kinds of insurance options like third-party insurance and comprehensive insurance but one of the insurance that can be handy for people is the own damage car insurance. Own damage car insurance covers any damages that are caused to your car, like theft, losses caused by fire, damages caused due to natural calamities, and so on. To be precise, own-damage car insurance covers costs incurred towards the car. As third-party car insurance is compulsory to take by the law, own-damage car insurance becomes a great companion since it ensures that you are not drowned under a massive bill when an accident takes place. Comparing all the options would help to get in-detailed ideas about the types of insurance after which you with ample security while not affecting your cost.
  • Refrain from filing unnecessary claims: There is no need to file claims for every small scratch and dent. If you do not claim any insurance for an entire year, then you are going to get a cumulative bonus which is the percentage of your assured amount that gets added to the amount of the next year. You can claim this amount for any major accident and you won’t even require more funds to cover the damages. Covering the cost of small repairs isn’t a big deal but in the desire of covering these small dents you may lose out on an amount that could have got added to your policy.
  • Purchase Add-ons that you require: If you get comprehensive car insurance for yourself, then you will get the option of purchasing add-ons with the car insurance. Comprehensive car insurance does have better coverage but the premium is higher. The add-ons have to be purchased separately with a separate cost for the utility of each add-on. As it gets added up to the value, it is important to choose only those add-ons that are needed. In this way, you can save money.
  • Avoid Unnecessary Vehicle Modifications: A lot many people modify the looks of the car just for fashion or craze or to make the car look more elegant. But these modifications often lead to higher car insurance premiums. Since the car insurance premium depends on how risky is the car modification, it is always sensible and wise to avoid such unnecessary vehicle modifications.
  • Anti-theft devices should be installed: Nowadays, most cars come with their default sophisticated anti-theft systems. However, if you install anti-theft devices in your system on your own, it reduces the level of risks and your car becomes a safer bet. There are various anti-theft devices in the market but it becomes really important to choose a reputed and authorized dealer along with popular companies.


That is all regarding the tips and tricks to save while paying the car insurance premium. Having the perfect amalgamation of car insurance is a part of your risk management plan and having a proper risk management plan is a must for a smooth financial plan. So, having car insurance will always be a winning bet for your cars as well as for your future. And if you are worried about how you are going to get the knowledge that you require before taking the car insurance premium, then CAGMC is always at your service.


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