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The Chartered Accountants have been a significant part of not just the Indian economy but also of all the companies in the country which plays a crucial role in ensuring financial health. A Chartered Accountant is a professional who provides financial and tax services to individuals, businesses, and organizations. They are also known as Certified Public Accountants (CAPs). CA in Jaipur works in all areas of finance, including auditing, taxation, financial planning, etc.

Goyal Mangal & Co., a Chartered Accountant firm, founded in 2011, by CA Pulkit Goyal with the enthusiasm of providing the best consultancy and expertise. The team consists of highly skilled and experienced professionals by offering tax consultancy, accounting, tax auditing and financial advisory to meet our diverse client needs.

NGO Registration

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Trust Registration

A Trust is an arrangement where owner or trust or of Trust transfers the property to a trustee.

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Society Registration

A group of people working together to promote charitable activities like sports, music, culture, religion, art, education, etc.

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Section-8 Company

Company formed with an object to promote commerce, art, science, sports, research, education, religion, protection of the environment, charity etc.

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FCRA Registration

Foreign contributions or income from nations outside of India are governed by the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA).

Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration

Register your brand name/ logo and create your goodwill in the market.

Copyright Registration

Copyright is the legal right to ownership and enjoyment entitled to creators.

Design Registration

Protect any newly created shape, configuration, patterns and composition of lines or colours.

Patent Registration

Secured invention or the special right given to an inventor by a govt to manufacture, sell or use invention