Every company is required to maintain statutory registers as per the Companies Act,2013 which are placed at the registered office of the company. The registers contains the records of the company such as details of members, directors, charges, loans etc. In this article we will be discussing all the types of registers that have to be maintained as per the relevant act.

Statutory Registers as per Companies Act, 2013

The registers can be maintained physically in a bound book or electronically as the board deems fit. It is very important to maintain these registers as a part of good governance and avoid penalties. Let us discuss the various types of registers one by one :

S.No. Name of Registers and rule Form No. Description
1. Register of members (Section -88) MGT -1 It contains the details of each class of share holders like their basic info, allotment, transfer, folio details etc.
2. Register of Debenture holders

(Section -88)

MGT -2 It contains the details of debenture holders like their basic details, allotment or redemption/conversion details.
3. Foreign Register of Members, Debenture holders, other security holders or beneficial owners residing outside India
 —– Registers that contain the information of foreign shareholders or debenture holders and are kept in any country outside India
4. Register of significant beneficial owners

(Section 90)

BEN-3 This register contains the details of beneficial owners having significant interest and other details like date of declaration U/s 90 and filing of BEN-2 form and other basic details.
 5. Register of Renewed and Duplicate Share Certificate

(Section -46)

SH-2 This registers contains the details of the person to whom the renewed/ duplicate shares have been issued and the details or original and duplicate certificate.
 6. Register of Sweat Equity Shares

(Section -54)

SH-3 This register is made in reference to register of members stating the details of directors or employees to whom the sweat equity shares have been given.
 7. Register of Employee Stock Options


SH-6 This register contains the details of the grantees to whom ESOPs’ have been granted and other details related to ESOP.
 8. Register of Shares or Securities which have been Bought Back


SH-10 This register encompasses the details of the securities bought back and the details of the member.
 9. Register of Deposits
—- This Register contains the details of deposits, tenure and interest thereon.
 10. Register of Charges
CHG-7 The Register of Charges provides the details of charges that are there in the name of the company and description of the properties charged, any modification thereof
 11. Register of Directors and KMPs


—- Register of Directors & KMP include details like their Shareholding in the Company itself, its Associate Companies, Subsidiary Companies and other basic information etc.
 12. Register of Loans/Guarantee/Security and Acquisition by Company
(Section 186)
MBP-2 This Register contains the details like details of loans, guarantee and security provided and their details like dates of passing resolutions, tenure and interest thereon.
 13. Register of Investments not held in its own name
MBP-3 This register contains the details of investment done indirectly and the class of securities, and details thereof.
 14. Register of Contracts or Arrangements in which Directors are interested


MBP-4 This registers contains the details of contracts or agreements with any related party as per Section 188 in which directors are interested.


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