Filing & Returns

ROC Filing

Every company whether a private, public, Section-8, producer or any type of company incorporated

Income Tax Return

Tax Return is a form in which assesses files his information about Income and tax

XBRL Filing

XBRL is a language for electronic communication of business and financial data

GST Return

 GST regime is crucial as non-compliance and delay will result in penalties and affect

TDS Return

TDS is usually deposited to the government by submitting an ‘income tax challan’

Latest Updates

What is Form no 16? Form 16 is a TDS certificate issued to salaried person by employer which contains a detailed record of the income earned as salary and taxes paid on it in a financial year. It serves as a proof that the employer has deducted TDS from your salary and deposited with the…

Content Definition of Electronic Commerce Operator. Impact of GST on e- commerce industry? Is it mandatory to have GST registration for Electronic Commerce business? Taxability on E-commerce Operator (ECO) Export through post by e- commerce operators. Definition of Electronic Commerce Operator Electronic Commerce Operator shall include every person who directly or indirectly owns, operates or…

Content When does GST becomes applicable on rental income from commercial activities? GST rates on renting residential dwelling for commercial purposes. Is the GST on rent claimable for the purpose of input tax credit (ITC)? What will be the place of supply in case of GST on commercial rent?  As per the notification number 12/2017…

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