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An Overview

Every company whether Public, Private, Section-8, Producer or any other type of company incorporated under the Companies Act, 2013 or under any previous law for the time being in force is required to file their annual Financial Statements and Annual Return within 30 days in e-form AoC-4 or e-form AoC- 4 (CFS) depending upon the applicability and 60 days in e-form MGT-7 respectively from the date of conclusion of the Annual General Meeting.

Annual General Meeting of the company is conducted once a year and the due date for the first Annual General Meeting lies within 9 months from the date of end of the first financial year of the Company and in any other case the AGM must be conducted within a period 6 months from the closing of the financial year i.e. the last date of conducting the first AGM is 31st December and the subsequent AGM is 30th September after the end of the financial year.

The ROC is an abbreviation of Registrar of Company and is managed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs India (MCA). Further, as per Section 129, 137 read with Rule 12 of the Company (Accounts) Rules, 2014 and Section 92 of the Companies Act, 2013 read with Rule 11 of the Companies (Management and Administration) Rules, 2014. the Audited Financial Reports must be filed with the respective ROC. Any delay or non-filling of the return could lead the company to attract heavy interest & penalties.

ROC Filing Process

The process of filing the audited financial statements and annual return with the ROC can be categorized into below-mentioned steps. 

  • 1

    Organizing a Board meeting of the Board of Directors of the Company

    • Authorizing the auditor in accordance with Schedule III of the Companies Act, 2013 for the preparation of financial statements.
    • Authorizing the Directors or Company Secretary if there for the preparation of Board Report and Annual Return of the Company for the particular Financial Year.
  • 2

    Holding another Board meeting where the Directors shall be approving the draft Financial Statements, Board Reports and Annual Return.

  • 3

    Conducting an Annual General Meeting of the Company

    The Directors shall convene an Annual General Meeting of the Members of the company for passing the necessary resolutions. Further, please note down that the Financial Statements are considered to be final only if the same is passed by the Members of the Company.

Documents Required for ROC Filing in Jaipur

Each company has to attach a few important documents during filling with the ROC which are mentioned below: 

E-forms to be Furnished by Companies on Annual Basis

Process of ROC Filing on MCA

  • 1

    Download All Forms

    Download all forms mentioned in the above table ( AOC-4 and MGT -7) from the official website of MCA: Service menu of MCA → E-filing → Download Company forms

  • 2

    Fill the Form

    Fill the form that applies to your firm and your company and add PDF or XML documents as per the requirement of the form → Recheck the form → Add the digital signature of the director and the professionals who are practising -> move to the pre-scrutiny.

  • 3


    Register the company on the website of MCA as a business user or registered user. After than log in using your User ID and password.

  • 4

    After Login

    After login, go to upload E-forms section → navigate the signed request from your system’s location

  • 5

    Uploading all required Documents

    After uploading all the required documents, the system will automatically generate an SRN (Service Request Number) after which you need to go to the option ‘Pay Now’, where two options will be available which are:

    • Pay later and save the challan generated and pay within a due time
    • Pay using facilities such as net banking/ debit card/ credit card. Save the payment challan for future needs.
  • 6

    After Completing all the Process

    After completing all the process, you can track the transaction status of your application from your service request number which is mentioned under the MCA service menu.

Form Name Need of E-form Attachments Due Date Applicability
ADT-1 Form Appointment of Auditor Appointment Letter, Confirmation Letter from Company, Consent Letter from the Auditor 15 days from the date of AGM. All type of Companies
AOC-4 Form and Form AOC-4 CFS (in case of Consolidated monetary reports) Annual Accounts filing Board Report along with annexure: AOC-2, CSR Report, Corporate Governance Report, MGT-9, Secretarial Audits Reports etc. 30 days from the date of the AGM (In case of OPC within 180 days from the close of Financial Year All type of Companies
AOC-4 XBRL Form Filing of Annual Accounts in XBRL mode XML report of financials of the firm 30 days from the due date of the AGM Listed firms in India and their national subsidiaries (or) a public company With paid-up capital >= 5 crores (or) With turnover>=100 crores
MGT-7 Form Filing of Annual Return List of shareholders, debenture holders, Share Transfer, MGT-8 60 days from the date of AGM Private Company, Public Limited Companies, One Person Company
CRA-4 Form Filing of Cost Audit Report XML report of Cost Audit documents 30 days from the receipt of report of cost audit Firms advised as per The Companies (Cost records and Audit Rules), 2014 amended from time to time.
MGT 14 Form Filing of resolutions with MCA about permission of Board statements and Final Accounts the resolution of Certified original copy 30 days from the date of concerned Board Meeting Public Companies and Listed Companies (Exempted for private companies)

Important Points of ROC Filing


All the Companies that are registered under the Companies Act, 2013 have to file their Audited Financial statement and annual return as per the rules of the Companies Act, 2013 on the website of MCA within the due date, failure to which attracts penalty and charges. 

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